Are emotions irrational? ¿Las emociones son irracionales? Hindi ba nakakapangatwiran ang mga emosyon? 情感是非理性的嗎?
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No. There is always a rationale. It's just that sometimes we can't see or misunderstand the real cause and effect. (San Francisco, CA)

I would say that some emotions are irrational but my best friend who is a psychiatrist would say the opposite :) (Palo Alto, CA)

no; all emotions are valid, real and necessary (San Francisco, CA)

Often. (Chicago, IL)

There is no such thing as one, universal truth; there is not one logical, rational system that dictates our many subjective truths. In that sense, every thing---including emotion---has an internal rationality and came to be through a traceable pattern of events. Nothing is irrational, rationality is a myth we use to stave off the chaos of our reality. (Berkeley, CA)