When do you believe it’s appropriate to call the police? When is it not? ¿Cuándo consideras que es apropiado llamar a la policía? ¿Cuándo no lo es? Kailan sa paniniwala mo kailangang tumawag ng pulis? Kailan hindi dapat? 您認為什麼時候應該報警?什麼時候不應該?
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Whenever I feel threatened and unable to either protect myself or resolve the situation on my own. Women should not be expected to put their bodies between aggressors and the police. Even when the response of the police may be disproportionate. The idea of this is violence against womenhood in itself. (Chicago, IL)

When someone is in danger. When there is an accident and someone is hurt. When it looks like violence is about to happen. Possibly when you hear a domestic dispute if you think someone will be hurt. If someone is waving a gun around or is threatening someone. Possibly to engage the police in the community in a positive way. I'm not sure when it's not appropriate to call the police but I'm sure there are plenty of times when it is inappropriate too. (Chicago, IL)