Do you support equity even when you feel like you have to give something up? ¿Estás a favor de la equidad incluso cuando sientes que debes renunciar a algo? Sinusuportahan mo ba ang pagiging makatao kahit may kailangan kang isuko na isang bagay? 您認為即使您需要放棄某些東西也必須支持平等嗎?
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YES! Privilege is very unevenly distributed and I have not earned everything I have in the first place. (Santa Clara, CA)

Yes. I give things up and I work to overcome any fear of doing so, because of my belief in equity. (Sausalito, CA)

I support equity and have given up some things to support it. However I haven't given up everything at all points to support equity. But I don't think I should give up everything to support it?? Interesting to consider how much I should give up. (San Francisco, CA)