Is it always better to have more choices? ¿Es siempre lo mejor tener más opciones? Palagi bang mas mabuti ang pagkakaroon ng maraming mapagpipilian? 有更多選擇總是更好的嗎?
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No. For example I'm allergic to mint so I can't use mint flavored toothpaste. So I need the choice of cinnamon or some other flavor(increasingly hard to find) but I don't need an equal number as the mint ones. There are far too many choices of toothpaste. (San Francisco, CA)

Sometimes, it's better not to have too many choices because you get confused. (San Francisco, CA)

Not always. If there are too many choices it can make it too difficult to make an intelligent decision. However there need to be a reasonable number of choices to be able to make a good decision. (Chicago, IL)