What was your favorite toy as a child? / What is your favorite children’s toy? ¿Cuál era tu juguete favorito en la infancia? / ¿Cuál es tu juguete para niños preferido? Ano ang paborito mong laruan nung bata ka pa? / Ano ang paborito mong laruang pambata? 您小時候最喜歡的玩具是什麼?/您最喜歡的兒童玩具是什麼?
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Licking a 9volt battery (San Francisco, CA)

My have-a-heart trap filled a lot of time catching animals (San Francisco, CA)

Building blocks, jacks. Maybe those aren't toys but are things to play with. Things that require some dexterity or help you acquire more dexterity. (Chicago, IL)

cardboard boxes and leftover containers that I could make into a thousand things (San Francisco, CA)