What is your preferred mode of transportation? Why? ¿Qué medio de transporte prefieres? ¿Por qué? Aling paraan ng pampublikong transportasyon ang gusto mo? Bakit? 您首選的交通方式是什麼?為什麼?
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Driving, because I like the freedom to go wherever I want. Also, I can fit a lot of people and items in my car. (California, USA)

Riding a bicycle when it's not raining - it gives you freedom, it's easy to park :) when it's raining, it's always good to drive your car :) (Palo Alto, CA)

Unfortunately my car even though it's bad for the environment, etc. And, public transportation isn't good enough, comfortable enough, fast enough and it usually doesn't go exactly where I want to go so that I might have to take more than one mode of transportation or more than one bus/train, etc. (Chicago, IL)