Who’s an artist whose work inspires you? Why? ¿El trabajo de qué artista te inspira? ¿Por qué? Sinong artist ang may likhang nakapagbibigay sa iyo ng inspirasyon? Bakit? 誰是能激發您靈感的藝術家?為什麼?
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David Bowie because he was fearless (San Francisco, CA)

Andres Amador, the work is beautiful, can be collaborative, and after being completed goes back to the earth. It is a temporary and natural medium, that doesn't use chemicals; that other than the photos taken of it, doesn't leave a trace. Plus, it's just beautiful! (San Francisco, CA)

Kerry James Marshall. I saw his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. It was the first time I had ever seen it, and there was a whole exhibit dedicated to his work. Each piece was so large it spanned from floor to ceiling. I loved the incorporation of glitter to catch the viewers eye. I loved the intention and thought behind each piece. I have yet to go into another space and feel that same feeling of overwhelming awe and admiration. (San Francisco, CA)