How do you respond when you witness hateful behavior? ¿Cómo reaccionas cuando observas a alguien comportándose de manera detestable? Paano ka tutugon kapag nakakita ka ng nakapopoot na pag-uugali? 目睹令人厭惡的行為時,您會如何反應?
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I say something to the person unless I think I'll be hurt. Even then I might say something (I'm 76) I call the police. I photograph the situation. I yell for help. (Chicago, IL)

It makes me cry on the spot. I feel unsure of how to intervene when I can't even hold myself together. I want to be strong to help others when they are being treated hatefully, but all I can seem to do is weep. (Berkeley, CA)

I try to move the person who is the victim of the behavior away from the other person or the physical location. eg: I saw a woman being screamed at and slapped by someone who appeared to be her partner. I stopped my car and gave the woman a ride away from that situation. I asked her where she would like to go where she would feel safe. I left her at her sister's house. (San Francisco, CA)