Do current laws grant you the right to vote? If so, do you exercise that right? ¿Las leyes actuales te permiten votar? Si es así, ¿ejerces ese derecho? Binibigyan ka ba ng kasalukuyang batas ng karapatan para bumoto? Kung oo, ginagamit mo ba ang karapatang ito? 現行的法律是否授予您投票權?如果是,您會行使這項權利嗎?
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Yes, I am a U.S. Citizen and I exercise my right to vote whenever possible. (California, USA)

Yes and yes. (San Francisco, CA)

Yes! Always even the small local elections! So many people died for, fought for, or aren't given the opportunity to vote, that not voting seems dishonorable. But I also think it is important to be an informed voter. Sad fact: the residents of Washington DC don't have full voting rights, and they live in the nations capital. How messed up is that!!! (San Francisco, CA)

Yes and yes. Anyone who doesn't vote who has the right to do it is negligent in their duty. Those people have no right to complain about anyone who gets elected. I may not like Trump (I don't) but we must deserve him because not enough people voted against him. If you don't vote you are giving up your chance to even try to make a difference. (Chicago, IL)

Yes and no. My choice to disengage politically is a response to generations of violence against black and indigenous peoples under us law that continue today. Given these circumstances, to hope for change within major political spheres is an absurdity - though I respect others choice of action. (San Francisco, CA)