Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not? ¿Te consideras feminista? ¿Por qué o por qué no? Itinuturing mo ba ang sarili mo na peminista? Bakit o bakit hindi? 您認為自己是女權主義者嗎?為什麼或為什麼不?
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Yes. Because I am a thinking person and because I know I live in a man's world. (San Jose, CA)

Yes, because it is part of what we need for a better world (Oakland, CA)

I consider myself a woman living in a culture where women are constantly being degraded, disregarded and dispossessed. I try to stand up for myself, protect my daughters and fight for equity. (San Francisco, CA)

Definitely. Because I am equal and should be seen and treated as equal. (San Francisco, CA)

YES, I believe women (and people of binary or non-identifying genders) should have equal rights to men.

Yes. I believe all people should be treated equally. I'm strong and stand my ground and think all people should be able to stand up for their rights without repercussions. (Chicago, IL)