Who is a local leader who you admire? Why do you admire them? Nombra a un líder local a quien admires. ¿Por qué le admiras? Sinong lokal na lider ang iyong hinahangaan? Bakit mo sila hinahangaan? 誰是您敬佩的地方領導人?您為什麼欣賞他們?
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Chicago Alderman Waugespack: smart, honest, works for his constituency. Transparent. Andrew Cuomo: tells it like it is, smart, caring, perceptive. Should be president (maybe). Governor Pritzker: he seems to be doing a good job. Laurie Lightfoot: ditto. (Chicago, IL)

My boss. Her ability to care for her employees and provide us with active love is incredible. (New York, NY)