What is the most important world event that has happened in your lifetime? ¿Cuál es el evento mundial más importante que has vivido? Ano ang pinakamahalagang kaganapan sa mundo na nangyari sa iyo sa buong buhay mo? 在您一生中發生的最重要的世界性事件是什麼?
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9/11 (East Bay, CA)

9/11 (San Francisco, CA)

Coronavirus (San Francisco, CA)

Covid-19 (San Francisco, CA)

9/11 (San Francisco, CA)

covid-19 (Palo Alto, CA)

Soviet Union disintegration (Israel)

Kennedy Assassination. 9/11. COVID-19 (sadly because it will be around for a very long time and change the world probably in some good ways and lots of bad ways. If we get universal health care that would be one of the good ways). (Chicago, IL)