Do you support reparations for Black people in America? Why or why not? ¿Estás a favor de las reparaciones a los afroamericanos? ¿Por qué o por qué no? Sinusuportahan mo ba ang mga reparasyon para sa mga Itim na tao sa Amerika? Bakit o bakit hindi? 您支持對美國黑人的賠償嗎?為什麼或為什麼不?
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Yes as some form of counterbalance to racism and because it would be a great way to stimulate the economy. However there are a lot of very sticky practical and ethical issues. For example, should native people be included? What do we mean by "black"? Should black women receive a greater share than black men since they are impacted by both racism and sexism? Would that look like a direct payment or a combination of that with investment in HBUs, black neighborhoods, black businesses etc? As a white person I really don't think I'm in a place to figure all of that out. (San Francisco, CA)

Absolutely. We have never financially or otherwise atoned for the historical (and present day) atrocities committed against Black people in America. (Berkeley, CA)

Too complicated. There was a good response I read below about balance. It would depend on how it was done. I don't think there is a good answer. Perhaps by community investment - that would be good. (Chicago, IL)

Yes - it is practical. (Frisco, CA)