Do you greet strangers? If so, how and why? ¿Saludas a los extraños? Si lo haces, ¿cómo y por qué? Bumabati ka ba sa mga hindi kakilala? Kung oo, bakit at paano? 您會對陌生人打招呼嗎?如果會,您會如何打招呼?為什麼打招呼?
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I never used to greet strangers, but after my daughter was born all sorts of strangers started to greet us and I realized how important it was to teach her that we are part of a community. (San Francisco, CA)

Yes, sometimes. Random eye contacts make me to say 'light' high.

Yes. I smile (San Francisco, CA)

Yes. "Hi" "How Are You?" I'm a hospitable person. (San Francisco, CA)

YES!! I smile :) I say hello.. I love communicating with people. (Palo Alto, CA)

Yes, sometimes, but not always, depends on the situation (San Francisco, CA)

I do most of the time. People shine when they feel seen and how good is it to make someone feel that way with the minimal impact of a smile or "hello"? (California, USA)

Yes. I'm friendly and generally trusting. I like to meet new people. (Chicago, IL)