Do you have any pets? If your pet became ill, how much might you spend to ensure their health? ¿Tienes mascotas? Si tu mascota enfermara, ¿cuánto dinero gastarías para garantizar su salud? Mayroon ka bang mga alagang hayop? Kung ang iyong alagang hayop ay nagkasakit, magkano ang kaya mong igastos para masigurado ang kanilang kalusugan? 您有寵物嗎?如果您的寵物生病了,您會花多少錢來治好牠們?
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I have a cat. I've gone into a huge amount of debt to pay for her medical care but there has to be a limit. I would guess something around $8,000 but it really depends on what their quality of life will be and if it is a chronic or onetime cost. (San Francisco, CA)

I had a cat. She was a wonderful companion for many years. She recently fell ill and I spent $2000 before I realized it was her time (the next day) and I had her put to sleep. (Pinole, CA)

A dog. A lot. Thousands. Depends on the outcome and the age of my dog at the time. The chances of her (always a female) ability to recover well too. Difficult. I always love my dogs. (Chicago, IL)