Would you agree to let Federal agents conduct a home visit? Interview your family? Why or why not? ¿Estarías de acuerdo en que agentes federales realizaran una visita a tu casa? ¿Que interrogaran a tu familia? ¿Por qué o por qué no? Papayag ka ba na magsagawa ng pagbisita sa bahay mo ang mga Federal agent? Kapanayamin ang iyong pamilya? Bakit o bakit hindi? 您同意讓聯邦特工進行家訪嗎?採訪您的家人呢?為什麼或為什麼不?
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I would never allow federal agents into my home without a warrant. Nor would I allow them to interview my family. It is never good to be interviewed by police or federal agents, anything you say may be held against you. (San Jose, CA)

I have been interviewed by federal agents twice in my home(I don't have family at home). A childhood friend applied for a job with a federal agency that required an intensive background check. It was slightly uncomfortable but not terrible. I'm sure being white and female and a citizen gave me a sense of safety that others would not feel. (San Francisco, CA)

First gut response is no (abuse of power). BUT it depends on the reason. If it's acceptable to me, yes. (Chicago, IL)