If the President of the United States was coming over to your house for dinner, what would you want to discuss? ¿Si el presidente de los Estados Unidos fuera a cenar en tu casa, de qué hablarían? Kung pupunta ang Pangulo ng Estados Unidos sa iyong bahay para maghapunan, ano ang gusto mong pag-usapan ninyo? 如果美國總統來您家共進晚餐,您想與他討論什麼?
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what he cares about (Columbus, OH)

health care system, racism (San Francisco, CA)

The piece of shit who is our current president? I can't make a civil response. No matter what I might want to discuss, unless I was saying positive things about Trump or his policies, etc. he wouldn't listen. In fact, he would denigrate me publicly if that served his purposes. Even if it didn't serve his purposes. He would try to destroy me. It's his way. (Chicago, IL)

how he sleeps at night. (San Francisco, CA)