If someone is drowning and you don’t help them, are you responsible for their death? Si alguien se está ahogando y no lo ayudas, ¿serás responsable de su muerte? Kung may mga nalulunod at hindi mo sila tinulungan, responsable ka ba sa kanilang pagkamatay? 如果有人溺水而您沒有出手相救,您需要對他們的死亡負上責任嗎?
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This is a complex ethical question. I wouldn't say that you would be responsible for the cause of the death. Although in my view, there is a responsibility to help others. So there would be a responsibility held for letting someone die when it could be prevented. But, it makes me wonder if it's reasonable to hold someone else up to my own ethical morals. (Ohio)

Yes. We cannot have community unless we accept some responsibility for each other. (San Francisco, CA)

Not if you can't help them. (Chicago, IL)

Not necessarily - depends on the circumstances. And if you were even partially responsible, how could one judge themselves for it? Think of Beloved (San Francisco, CA)