If you could learn any one skill without trying (like Matrix learning style), which would you pick? Si pudieras aprender alguna destreza sin esfuerzo (como en la película Matrix), ¿cuál elegirías? Kung matututo ka ng isang kasanayan nang walang pagsisikap (gaya ng Matrix learning style), alin ang iyong pipiliin? 如果您不用努力就可以學會任何一種技能(例如矩陣式學習),您會選擇哪一種技能?
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Coding. I could get some of that good tech money and feel more in control of the future. Learn the Matrix to use the Matrix. (San Francisco, CA)

Learning languages. I would love to be able to read books, watch shows, and most of all talk to people in their own languages. (San Francisco, CA)

Flying (if that counts), or surfing! (San Francisco, CA)

Foreign Languages! (San Francisco, CA)

What is the Matrix (can you tell I'm an older analog person?). Either languages or technology. (Chicago, IL)

piano (San Francisco, CA)