If you could cure all disease, but you have to murder one innocent child to do so, would you? Si pudieras curar todas las enfermedades, pero tuvieras que matar a un niño inocente para hacerlo, ¿lo harías? Kung makakagamot ka ng lahat ng karamdaman, pero kailangan mong pumatay ng isang inosenteng bata para magawa ito, gagawin mo? 如果您可以治癒所有疾病,但是必須殺死一個無辜的孩子,您會去做嗎?
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Of course this is the classic question, particularly important during COVID-19. The answer should be yes. But that only works if you don't know the child (or person). That's what's happening in the hospitals today because choices have to be made as to who gets the life-saving ventilators and the person who isn't chosen will almost certainly die. (Chicago, IL)

No. Disease is a part of life; a part of our ecosystem. Removing all disease would doubtlessly have consequences beyond what my puny little human brain can imagine, I would never be so arrogant as to assume I could make a decision of that magnitude.