Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? ¿Es mejor haber amado y perdido que nunca haber amado? Mas mabuti ba ang magmahal at mawala ito kaysa hindi man lang naranasang magmahal? 曾經愛過但失去,比從沒愛過更好嗎?
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Romantic love is an illusion. (San Francisco, CA)

Do we mean ANY sort of love? You must be able to love and lose. No one can live without love, it literally is the reason for everything. But I feel like this phrasing is usually about "romantic" and "erotic" love (despite the object of Tennyson's poem). I'm good on not being involved in all of that. Being asexual and/or aromantic is a valid and inherent way to be. (San Francisco, CA)

It is better to have loved... "all we need is love"... even if we lose ...it's worth it :) (Palo Alto, CA)

Yes. Any kind of love and for any reason. There is no living or loving without taking chances. (Chicago, IL)