Do you believe in the concept of “chosen family” (non-blood relatives you consider family)? ¿Crees en el concepto de “familia por elección” (personas a quienes consideras familia sin relación sanguínea)? Naniniwala ka ba sa konseptong "piniling pamilya" (hindi kadugo na kinokonsidera mong pamilya)? 您相信「選擇家人」(您視為家人但無血緣關係的親屬)的概念嗎?
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Yes! I have a "cousin" that I call cousin because 3 generations of our families have been friends. We're not blood relatives. (San Francisco, CA)

Of course YES!!! I have no siblings and my friends are my chosen family!!!I invest a lot personal relationships. (Palo Alto, CA)

Yes. Why not? (Chicago, IL)

absolutely. (San Francisco, CA)