Have you ever fired a gun? Briefly describe the circumstances. ¿Has disparado un arma alguna vez? Describe brevemente las circunstancias. Nasubukan mo na bang bumaril? Maiksing ilarawan ang pangyayari. 您開過槍嗎?簡要描述該情況。
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Many times, mostly in play a few times hunting. The first time I shot was with my grandfather and father, shooting a 22 rifle at about age 5 or 6. It felt amazing to be trusted by adults I admired with such a responsibility, and we were extremely safety conscious. Shooting is a pleasant pastime with strong roots in our cultural heritage. I hope you have the opportunity to try it with family before the unknowing masses make it illegal like so many other fun things. (San Jose, CA)

NEVER (Palo Alto, CA)

Yes. At a range. Being trained by a cop. I was particularly good/accurate, but completely petrified each time, and have no intentions of ever doing it again. (San Francisco, CA)

when I was a kid, shooting tin cans with a shotgun at my Uncle's farm (San Francisco, CA)