In a disagreement with a romantic partner, do you try to “win” the argument or deescalate the situation? Durante un desacuerdo con tu pareja, ¿intentas “ganar” la discusión o apaciguarla? Sa di-pagkakasunduan mo sa iyong romantic partner, sinusubukan mo bang "manalo" sa argumento o pahupain ang sitwasyon? 如果與戀人發生分歧,您會力求「贏得」爭論,還是緩和局面?
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I try to de-escalate the situation. Being in partnership is not about winning, it's about creating mutual understanding. Trying to win the argument means I'm only thinking about me, not about my partner and how we can move forward with the problem, which is that we have a disagreement. (San Francisco, CA)

It depends on the argument. (San Francisco, CA)

to be honest, i'm ultra-competitive and sometimes get into a "winning" mode. I'm aware, and try my best to improve my approach to more deescalation and understanding. i'm only human! (San Francisco, CA)

I argue to win. Prove my point. But I also try to deescalate because my partner also argues to win. (Brooklyn, NY)

I probably try to win too often but sometimes I de-escalate. (Chicago, IL)

I deescalate. I placate. The arguments end faster but I never feel heard. (Berkeley, CA)

If it's a disagreement over a serious issue, de-escalation is best. A relationship should be a collaborative effort that benefits all parties, not a competition. (San Francisco, CA)