How are you different from the person you were ten years ago? ¿De qué manera eres una persona diferente de la que eras diez años atrás? Gaano ka naiiba mula sa kung ano ka bilang tao sampung taon ang nakalilipas? 現在的您與十年前有何不同?
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More tired! (Stanford, CA)

I am more mature, I've traveled a lot, I have lived in different countries, cities... I've worked with so many people from different countries. All these experiences broadened my horizons. (Palo Alto, CA)

More jaded and experienced. (San Francisco, CA)

so much less naive, more open minded to different points of view, more sure of who i am and what is important to me (San Francisco, CA)

More relaxed (Chicago, IL)

I like to think so. I have less fun but I'm happier. (San Francisco, CA)